gown descriptions


The description of each gown lists it’s condition. While some of our samples are brand new, most of them are gently worn since they were our original gowns that we used for photoshoots and trunk shows; some even hung in our salons. We do our best to give an accurate description of their current condition. Follow the guide below to better understand out gown categories!


Brand New :  She is brand spankin' new and has never been worn.  She is just waiting for her moment to shine.


Excellent:  Bright, shiny and oh-so clean.  She has only been tried a handful of times.  She may include:  slight dirt marks around the hem, small or very faint fabric imperfections, but no visible stains.

Great:  She cleans up good!   She has been tried on several times and still has her wits about her.  She may include: slightly dirty hem, a few visible but no overt marks. 

Good:  She has been loved but is right where it counts.  She may include: gently worn and relaxed fabric,  dirty hem and some visible marks, possible small repairs.

Fair:  She really has been loved and she needs a little tlc.  She may include:  worn and relaxed fabric, dirty hem, visible marks, possible  repairs needed.  She needs some work, but is not beyond repair.  No returns for gowns in fair condition.

Dismal:  Being sold for parts.  No returns for gowns in dismal condition.

gown care 


All dresses are able to be washed/cleaned.  Dry-Clean only.  


Pro Tip:  Fabrics stain easily, especially bridal fabrics.  Keep all liquids away from them, since even water can leave marks.  Fabrics can also take on odor from their environment so it’s best to store all gowns safely in a garment bag and tucked away from danger.